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15 August 2013

The Latest Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News 15AUG2013

Young astronomer films meteor over Canberra
August 15, 2013: An amateur astronomer filmed this meteor as it briefly lit up the sky ... A budding astronomer has captured incredible video of a meteor turning ... 

Chelyabinsk Meteor Dust Traveled Around The World | Video ...
The meteor that rocked the world in February 2013 also left a trail of dust around it. NASA's Suomi NPP Satellite tracked the plume and showed that it had ...

Tracking the Chelyabinsk Meteor Plume : Image of the Day
Satellite instruments and computer models help NASA scientists dissect the atmospheric impact of the February 2013 bolide explosion over Russia.

Perseid Meteor Shower 2013 Pictures And Videos: Did You Miss ...
Latin Times
If you were outside on Sunday or Monday in a reasonably dim part of the earth and happened to upturn your face, you might've caught Mother Nature's best ...

Meteor shower that lit up the night sky
News North Wales
Freelance photographer, Ross Davidson captured the stunning picture above from the top of Moel Famau, as the sky was lit up in the early hours of Tuesday ...

Around the world in four days: NASA tracks Chelyabinsk meteor plume
Atmospheric physicist Nick Gorkavyi missed witnessing an event of the century last winter when ameteor exploded over his hometown of Chelyabinsk, Russia.

Stargazers view Perseid meteor shower at Dickson Mounds
Canton Daily Ledger
Stargazers from around central Illinois braved the chilly air at 4 a.m. Wednesday for the Dickson Mounds State Museum and the University of Illinois at ...

Meteors put on show at Ephesus
Hurriyet Daily News
The Perseid meteor shower, one of the most important celestial events, was observed in the ancient city of Ephesus. AA photo. The ancient city of Ephesus ...

Photos: Perseid meteor shower - Arizona Daily Star
Scores of meteors blazed across the sky around the world from Saturday night through the early morning hours of Tuesday during the annual Perseid meteor ...

Meteorit in der Neustadt gefunden? - YouTube
Stefan Krull hat in seinem Garten angeblich einen Meteoriten gefunden. Er recherchiert im Internet und findet heraus: Gewicht, Dichte und Aussehen sprechen f.

NASA used satellite to follow plume left by exploding meteor
Wed, 14 Aug, 2013 04:21 PM PDT
GREENBELT, Md., Aug. 14 (UPI) -- NASA says sensitive instruments on a satellite allowed them to track the dust plume created by the meteorite that exploded over Russia in February for months.
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Two Beautiful Timelapse Videos of the 2013 Perseid Meteor Shower
Universe Today
We're still swooning over the great images and videos coming in from this year's Perseid Meteor Shower. Here a a couple of time lapse videos just in today: the ...

Meteor shower lights up WA sky
The West Australian
The classic science fiction novel The Day of the Triffids begins with a meteor shower that lights up the sky in a gorgeous green glow that delights and entrances ...

Victim hit with rock while watching meteor shower in Myrtle Beach
At about 4 a.m. Wednesday morning, the victims were watching the Perseids meteor shower from the beach behind the Bay View Resort in the 500 block of ...

Meteor shower lights up WA sky
The West Australian
But that all changed as Monday night became Tuesday morning and the 2am sky was lit up by the vivid green light of a "fireball", another name for a bolide or a ...

Your Best Photos of Perseid Meteor Shower
National Geographic
The Perseid meteor shower put on a celestial fireworks show early this this week, dazzling skywatchers around the world with as many as 70 shooting stars per ...

Perseid star party raises thousands for land purchases
Hi-Desert Star
LANDERS — Meteor showers and sound baths were the perfect pairing Saturday evening during the Mojave Desert Land Trust's annual Perseid star party ...

Perseid Meteors Captured By NASA All-Sky Fireball Network | Video ...
The annual meteor shower, characterized by NASA as the best of the year, were recorded by camera in Alabama, New Mexico and more on Aug, 10-12, 2013.

The Perseid meteor shower from Oregon's Alvord Desert
According to NASA researchers, Perseid produces more fireballs — bright meteors that streak across the sky — than any other annual shower, earning it the title ...

2013 THE Year of Meteors, Asteroids, Comets, and MORE!!

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